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onnectory Data and AI platform

onnectory Data

and AI platform

Helping you achieve your desired business outcomes with Cloud, Data & AI

Your data


Connectors for every data source. Leverage over 120+ out-of-the-box data connectors across clouds, on-premise, and SaaS applications. Bring your existing data lakes and data warehouses and seamlessly connect with Connectory.

Data as a Product


A cloud-native Data Platform to unleash domain specific data workflows. Ensuring line of business have access to a series of data capabilities including discoverability, security, explorability, understandability, trustworthiness of data for operations, analytics, warehousing, engagement, sales, marketing, human resources etc. that are domain specific..

ML Platform as a Product


A cloud AI platform enabling machine learning at cloud scale. Build, train, manage, and deploy machine learning models for any use case with fully managed infrastructure, tools, and workflows across cloud boundaries, to solve any business challenge.

Analytics & BI


A library of 20+ pre-built solutions for enterprise challenges powers data-driven organizations with a unified analytics and business intelligence (BI) without having to start from scratch every time you want to build an AI-powered solution. All users can meet varying analytic needs from the same source of truth through modern interactive dashboards, paginated reports, embedded analytics, and natural language queries that’s fully customizable across clouds and software vendors.

Business outcomes


Deploy proven data & AI applications that rapidly create real business value across a range of business functions. Key business outcomes include driving tangible business value from data, reduced business risk, improved performance, as well as increased revenue and operational efficiency.


onnectory ?

We are building the cloud platform for enterprise customer needs today.

10x productivity boost

Boost team’s productivity with purpose-built cloud solutions tailor-made for your organization.

Connectory is our cloud-native, multi-cloud, data platform for converged analytics & AI.


Connecting millions
of data points

Get the deepest insights from virtually all your data to seamlessly and cost-effectively create real-time data workflows.


Create high quality data products

Connectory cloud data platform delivers the deepest insights for data-driven decision-making, and connect data products to applications seamlessly for exploration and analysis.


Facilitates better data-driven decisions

Drive accurate planning and forecasting with virtually unlimited analytical scale and performance.


Make data findable and usable

Consolidate your data and gain a universal view of your data, user behaviors, preferences, and journeys.


Secure and governed access to all data

Empowers business and technical users to discover, share, and consume shared data across business units and with customers, business partners, and beyond.


Avoid the risk and hassle of having to copy and move stale data

Securely access live and governed shared data sets, and receive automatic updates in real time

Our technology



Comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, offering over 200 fully featured services from data centers globally. Millions of customers—including the fastest-growing startups, largest enterprises, and leading government agencies—are using AWS to lower costs, become more agile, and innovate faster.

Group 175


Part data warehouse, part data lake, Databricks introduces the concept of a data Lakehouse to your organization’s cloud-based data management infrastructure. It’s equipped with ETL, analytics and machine learning capabilities, to take your organization’s data strategy to the next level.



Consistent hybrid cloud, delivers unparalleled developer productivity, provides comprehensive, multilayered security, including the largest compliance coverage, and offers best in class support for Windows Server and SQL Server.

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Developing AI applications start with training deep neural networks with large datasets. GPU-accelerated deep learning frameworks offer flexibility to design and train custom deep neural networks and provide interfaces to commonly-used programming languages such as Python and C/C++.



As a TensorFlow AI service partner, we’re experienced in creating a range of software solutions powered by TensorFlow and other frameworks that span across the machine learning workflow, including preparing and ingesting data, training and optimizing models, and productionizing them.

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Fully managed SaaS (software as a service) that provides a single platform for data warehousing, data lakes, data engineering, data science, data application development, and secure sharing and consumption of real-time / shared data.



Qlik is a software vendor specializing in data visualization, executive dashboards and self-service business intelligence products. Qlik's modern data integration and analytics let users easily uncover insights and take timely action.

power bi

Power BI

Power BI is a unified, scalable platform for self-service and enterprise business intelligence (BI). Connect to and visualize any data, and seamlessly infuse the visuals into the apps you use every day.

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The Alteryx Analytics Automation Platform delivers end-to-end automation of analytics, machine learning, and data science processes that accelerate digital transformation. It allows users to quickly access, manipulate, analyze, and output data.



Confluent  is a full-scale data streaming platform that enables you to easily access, store, and manage data as continuous, real-time streams. Built by the original creators of Apache Kafka®, Confluent expands the benefits of Kafka with enterprise-grade features.

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Google Cloud

GCP is a public cloud vendor. GCP offers a suite of computing services to do everything from data storage to data management to delivering web and video over the web to AI and machine learning tools.


We provide services for several different industries to help you to modernize your infrastructure and applications to meet rapidly changing customer behaviors and expectations, and drive business growth through continuous innovation.

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Customer stories


Red River

is saying about

Tactical Edge

Tactical Edge AI is a group of consummate professionals. They are knowledgeable, available, and extremely easy to work with. Their subject matter expertise is wrapped in a very common-sense approach to understanding and instituting ML and AI, giving both clients and their internal/external customers the confidence that significant business outcomes both can and will be achieved. I enthusiastically recommend Tactical Edge AI to other businesses, and would happily work with them again.”


Gary Khoury

VP Strategic Programs at Red River


Broughton Partners

is saying about

Tactical Edge

Working with Tactical Edge AI was an absolute pleasure. Their attention to detail and knowledge is outstanding and I was extremely thankful for their expertise in security, and cost savings best practices.”


Patrick Rek

CTO at Broughton Partners



is saying about

Tactical Edge

Working with Tactical Edge has been a transformative experience for Arnica. Their expertise in Cloud, DevOps, and Machine Learning has been instrumental in building our new business from the ground up. Their deep understanding of these technologies exceeded our expectations and helped us achieve operational excellence through their dynamic dashboard, alerting system, and MLOps pipeline. The team of expert professionals at Tactical Edge takes ownership and consistently delivers results, always being available to support us when we need them. Their unwavering support has been vital to our success and we wholeheartedly recommend them as a trusted and reliable technology partner.”


Eran Medan

CTO at Arnica



is saying about

Tactical Edge

Tactical Edge AI's expertise was pivotal in our journey to make website analytics more accessible for small businesses and non-technical teams. They skillfully designed and implemented an AI solution that seamlessly integrates with our existing infrastructure. Their contributions have been essential to our success. I wholeheartedly endorse Tactical Edge AI for any business in pursuit of AI-integrated solutions. Additionally, our partnership with them has been incredibly valuable. Their team not only exhibits technical brilliance but also deeply grasps our mission to democratize website analytics. Their commitment and adaptability to our unique requirements have significantly contributed to our achievements. We eagerly anticipate continuing our collaboration with Tactical Edge AI, assured of their consistent capability in delivering both innovative and practical AI-driven solutions


Jason Hollander

Founder / CEO at Squid

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