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AI and Machine Learning

Unlock the true potential of AI beyond adoption, so you can enable long-term business transformation and enjoy short-term wins.

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AI Rapid Prototyping & Value Realisation

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Data Strategy & Value Identification

Build the roadmaps that get you fastest to value when you leverage our broad portfolio of AI services.

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Rapid Prototype

Build enterprise-grade AI systems using our expertise in converging business analytics, data science solutions, and data engineering.

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AI Strategy & Value Realization

Autonomously manage multi-cloud environments, predict failures, improve application uptime and security.


AI Product Accelerator

Build products with AI with a trusted partner.

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Operationalize Cloud ML Platform

Integrate our end-to-end ML model management accelerator to enable Cloud ML Platform at scale. Operationalize ML models at unprecedented speed, access robust tools and capabilities for seamless pluggability, operationalize with MLOps platform in methodical stages for increased impact and adoption.


MLOps Platform

Deliver high-performance production ML models quickly at scale. Automate and standardize processes across the ML lifecycle so you can easily train, test, troubleshoot, deploy, and govern ML models at scale to boost productivity of data scientists and ML engineers while maintaining model performance in production.

  • create


    Create repeatable training workflows to accelerate model development.

  • intergrate


    Integrate ML workflows with CI/CD pipelines for faster time to production.

  • catalog


    Catalog Machine Learning artefacts for model reproducibility and governance.

  • monitor


    Continuously monitor data and models in production to maintain quality.

Explainable AI

Build confidence in your AI's outcomes and cement trust in algorithms with explainable AI. Our accelerator allows users to probe, understand, and interpret predictions from their trained models. Enable faster and wider deployment of your models with global explainability and simulation.

Customer 360

Transform your business with a unified customer view


Pre-trained AI implementation

Deliver high-performance production ML models quickly at scale. automate and standardize processes across the ML lifecycle so you can easily train, test, troubleshoot, deploy, and govern ML models at scale to boost productivity of data scientists and ML engineers while maintaining model performance in production.


Natural Language Processing

Derive and understand valuable insights from text within documents

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    Valuable insights

    Uncover valuable insights from text in documents, customer support tickets, product reviews, emails, social media feeds, and more.

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    Simplified workflows

    Simplify document processing workflows by extracting text, key phrases, topics, sentiment, and more from documents such as insurance claims.

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    Business differentiation

    Differentiate your business by training a model to classify documents and identify terms, with no machine learning experience required.

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    Sensitive data protection

    Protect and control who has access to your sensitive data by identifying and redacting Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from documents.

Cloud OpenAI as a Service

Deploy Azure OpenAI as a service with REST API access to OpenAI's powerful language models including the GPT-3, Codex and Embeddings model series. These models can be easily adapted to your specific task including but not limited to content generation, summarization, semantic search, and natural language to code translation. Users can access the service through REST APIs, Python SDK, or our web-based interface in the Azure OpenAI Studio.

  • unlock


    Large, pretrained AI models to unlock new scenarios.

  • fine-tune


    Custom AI models fine-tuned with your data and hyperparameters.

  • built-in


    Built-in responsible AI to detect and mitigate harmful use.

  • protect


    Enterprise-grade security with role-based access control (RBAC) and private networks.

Marketing Analytics and ROI forecasting

Improve campaign performance and drive ROI with a complete view of your marketing

  • integrate


    Integrate data from across the marketing stack to create a holistic view of all marketing channels.

  • optimize


    Optimize marketing and ad spend by easily comparing campaign performance between platforms.

  • track


    Track the success of the last campaign is key for designing the next one.

  • sync

    Syncing data

    Start syncing data in as little as five minutes with 50+ out-of-the-box, fully supported connectors for all major marketing sources.

  • centralize

    Centralize data

    Seamlessly centralize data from all of your social and paid platforms into the destination of your choice.

  • automate


    All models automatically refresh as data loads, giving your team up-to-date insights, letting you see farther, respond faster, and campaign better.


Sales Analytics and Revenue Forecasting

Accurately forecast sales, financial, and demand data to streamline planning and decision-making using ML.

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    Centralize all sales and customer data in minutes without writing a single line of code

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    Improve forecast accuracy to understand past trends in sales and estimate future sales

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    Build historical models, revenue forecasts, parse feedback, and strategize with total confidence

Time Series Forecasting

Forecast business outcomes easily and accurately using machine learning.

Use cases

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    Workforce planning
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    Retail and inventory
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    Travel demand forecasting
  • scale


    Scale operations by forecasting millions of items.

  • optimize


    Optimize inventory and reduce waste with accurate forecasts at a granular level.

  • improve


    Improve capital utilization and make long-term decisions with more confidence.

  • increase


    Increase customer satisfaction with optimal staffing to meet varying demand levels.

Chatbots and Virtual Assistants

Add human-like conversation capabilities to your business applications by combining different natural language technologies like natural language processing (NLP), natural language understanding (NLU) and natural language generation (NLG), using Conversational AI interfaces.


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    Enable new ways of engagement

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    Increase customer satisfaction

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    Reduce operational costs

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    Streamline business processes

Business outcomes:

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    Reduce costs

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    Improve quality

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    Drive efficiencies

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    Generate revenue

Contact Center Intelligence

Delight your customers with human-like AI-powered contact center experiences, lower costs, and free up your human agents' time. Improve customer experience. Derive customer insights and reduce operational costs by adding artificial intelligence and machine learning to the contact center provider of your choice.



Anomaly Detection

Automatically identify anomalies in your business data and identify their root cause using ML.


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    Detect anomalies with better accuracy

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    Diagnose root cause faster

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    Automate customized alerts and actions

Business outcomes:

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    Reduce costs

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    Mitigate risks

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    Improve quality

Intelligent Enterprise Search

Find answers faster with intelligent enterprise search powered by machine learning.

  • implement

    Quickly implement a unified search experience across multiple structured and unstructured content repositories.

  • utilize

    Utilize natural language processing (NLP) to get highly accurate answers without the need for machine learning (ML) expertise.

  • fine-tune1

    Fine-tune your search results based on content attributes, freshness, user behavior, and more.

  • deliver

    Deliver ML-powered instant answers, FAQs, and document ranking as a fully managed service.

Real-time Recommender Systems

Elevate the customer experience with ML-powered personalization

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    Unify your data

    Unify your data to create meaningful customer experiences across the entire user journey.

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    Increase revenue

    Increase revenue and brand loyalty, and stand out from competitors by catering to individual customer preferences.

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    Implement personalization

    Quickly implement a customized personalization engine in days—not months—with no ML expertise required.

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    Adapt recommendations

    Adapt recommendations in real time for relevant customer experiences, new users, or new catalog items.

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    Deloy recommendations

    Deloy curated recommendations and intelligent user segmentation using Machine Learning.

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