Discover world-class AI and data-driven solutions Tactical Edge delivers to transform business processes across industry segments.

Financial services

Financial Service

We provide financial services institutions across banking, payments, and insurance the ability to modernize your infrastructure and applications to meet rapidly changing customer behaviors and expectations, and drive business growth through continuous innovation.

Modernize Legacy Systems for Scale

  • Running old systems deplete valuable resources for innovating

  • Access migration services and tools available in the cloud

  • Build and operate cloud-native, high-performing, resilient systems

  • Meet rapidly changing behaviors and expectations

Improve Customer Experience

  • Utilize ready-to-use service accelerators for enhanced experiences

  • Analyze and process data to uncover business insights

  • Drive business growth by harnessing data and innovation

  • Explore new ideas within a secure data lake

Meet Financial Regulations and Security

  • Ensure data integrity with cloud-native architectures with best practices fully automated

  • Build the most secure, compliant, resilient cloud-native applications

  • Modernize quickly using a micro-services-based service architecture

  • Meet regulatory and compliance requirements

Media & Entertaintment

Media & Entertainment

Media and entertainment customers face industry-wide transformation, with companies reinventing how they create content, optimize media supply chains, and compete for audience attention across streaming, broadcast, and direct-to-consumer platforms. We help media and entertainment capabilities against five solution areas to help customers transform the industry:

Retail & CPG

Retail & CPG

We help build brands consumers love, increase organizational agility to react to market opportunities, and drive operational efficiency with proven, industry-specific innovations and solutions from the cloud.

Product development

Accelerate time to market by modernizing R&D infrastructure, increasing virtual testing, and reducing development cycles.


Reduce the cost of goods sold, and optimize manufacturing operations.

Supply Chain

Strengthen supply chain resiliency and agility through improved forecasting, inventory optimization, and multi-channel distribution.


Improve marketing efficiency and consumer loyalty through augmented insights, advertising optimization, and AI-driven personalization.

Unified Commerce

Create a unified commerce experience moving between different digital channels and physical stores.

IT and Digital transformation

Drive digital transformation to improve decision-making and operational efficiency with cloud capabilities.


Healthcare and Life science

Healthcare and life science organizations are reinventing how they collaborate, make data-driven clinical and operational decisions, enable precision medicine, and decrease the cost of care.

Modernize Legacy Systems for Scale

Life Sciences Solutions



Data can be used by educational institutions to better retain students, foster diversity, support online and hybrid learning, drive fundraising activities, manage facilities more sustainably, personalize learning experiences, achieve operating efficiencies, and advance student outcomes. Data has value beyond its operational use.

Turn data into wisdom

  • Maximize the data’s availability, subject to guardrails for privacy and confidentiality

  • Optimize the entire lifecycle of institutional data and use analytics to make data-driven decisions and lower costs

  • Store, manage, and unlock insights from even the largest amounts of data

  • Access sophisticated capabilities to support real-time streaming and analytics and business intelligence tools

Innovate faster and reduce costs

  • Improve agility, fault tolerance, and performance—even for the most mature EdTechs

  • Protect your data with support for 98 security standards and compliance certifications

  • Create new and exciting user experiences with artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) capabilities

  • Easily add or remove IT resources and capacity, and lower costs with pay-as-you-go pricing

Improve the student experience

  • Improve student experience and outcomes with innovative tools and capabilities.

  • Provide secure access to desktops and applications, 24/7, from any device

  • Access capacity as needed and lower costs with pay-as-you-go pricing

  • Easily launch secure, complex compute resources within minutes

  • Access to open datasets, funding, and training



We support key areas such as marketing data lakes, advertising analytics, audience platforms,customer data platforms, personalization, messaging and digital customer experience.

Marketing Data Lake

Transform marketing analytics, advertising and customer experiences across channels by centralizing marketing data into a cloud-powered data lake and data warehouse.

Advertising Technology

Easily create sophisticated, real-time advertising analytics for any campaign on any channel with a one-click setup for a data lake.

Customer Data Platform

  • 360-degree understanding of customer behavior with easy-to-implement identity graph technology.

  • Collect, unify and map billions of customer data points across devices and channels to see 360-degree view of individual customer behavior, build audience segments, improve ad targeting, personalization, and attribution.


Elevate the customer experience with ML-powered personalization.

Messaging & Campaings

  • Simple, scaled messaging automation for email, SMS, push notifications and voice.

  • Reach millions of customers at low-cost with targeted audience segmentation and personalized messages, send messages through email, SMS, push notifications, and voice channels and analyze results. Personalize, customize and automate segmentation to deliver the right messages to the right people at the right time.

Customer Digital Experience

  • Connect sophisticated machine learning and end-to-end analytics across digital customer experiences.

  • Build and run digital customer experiences in the cloud—including ecommerce platforms, content management systems, mobile applications and websites, and smart products—to create end-to-end attribution and campaign activation using cloud-native analytics and machine learning tools.

Public sector

Public Sector

Government, education, nonprofit, and healthcare organizations around the world face unique challenges to accomplish complex missions with limited resources. Public sector leaders want to serve citizens more effectively, accelerate innovation and digital transformation, and put more of their time and resources into their core missions.



Leverage accelerators for Startups.

AI Product MVP Development

  • AI Strategy and Value Identification
    Build the roadmaps that get you fastest to value when you leverage our broad portfolio of AI services.
  • AI Prototyping and Value Validation
    Build enterprise-grade AI systems using our expertise in converging business analytics, data science solutions, and data engineering.
  • AI Strategy and Value Identification
    Autonomously manage multi-cloud environments, predict failures, improve application uptime and security.

MLOps Platform

Deliver high-performance production ML models quickly at scale. Automate and standardize processes across the ML lifecycle so you can easily train, test, troubleshoot, deploy, and govern ML models at scale to boost productivity of data scientists and ML engineers while maintaining model performance in production.

Realtime Recommender Systems

Elevate the customer experience with ML-powered personalization.

  • Unify your data
  • Increase revenue
  • Implement personalization
  • Adapt recommendations
  • Deploy recommendations

Machine Learning

Bring machine learning to life quickly, easily, and at any scale with cloud ML services.


The serverless architecture enables you to scale faster at every stage, from pre-establishment funding to pre-IPO funding.


Levege containers to rapidly package your application and automate deployments



Data lakes and Analytics

Traditional infrastructures can no longer keep up with the business intelligence, customer insights, and regulatory reporting banks need. To protect, manage, and grow your business, we enable you to build secure data lakes in the cloud, which serve as the foundation for analytics and innovation.

Digital Transformation

Today's banking customers expect personalized interactions and frictionless transactions. Banks choose the cloud to help create richer experiences – from seamless digital onboarding to real-time transaction updates – across channels. Whether you’re modernizing core systems, launching spin-offs at unprecedented speeds, or preparing for open banking, customers today rely on the cloud to ideate, iterate, and innovate.

Machine Learning

To meet net new needs, banks must harness the power of machine learning. Cloud offers the machine learning services banks can use to transform customer experiences, automate processes, detect fraud, and streamline compliance and authentication.

Anomaly Detection

Automatically identify anomalies in your business data and identify their root cause using ML.


  • Detect anomalies with better accuracy

  • Diagnose root cause faster

  • Automate customized alerts and actions

Credit Decisioning and Underwriting

Make credit and underwriting decisions more accurately and quickly using ML.


  • Streamline credit and underwriting operations

  • Increase accuracy

  • Reduce loan processing cost

Intelligent Document Processing

Extract text and data instantly and accurately from virtually any document, such as loan applications and medical forms, without manual effort.


  • Improve customer experience

  • Improve employee productivity

  • Create manual effort in document processing

  • Find information faster

Fraud detection

Learn how cloud and machine learning is making it easier for organizations like yours to detect potentially fraudulent online activities.


  • Improve customer experience

  • Improve employee productivity

  • Create efficiencies in business processes

  • Detect anomalies in business operations

Data Lakes and Analytics

Digital Transformation

Machine Learning

Anomaly Detection

Credit Decisioning and Underwriting

Intelligent Document Processing

Fraud Detection


Contact Center Intelligence

Delight your customers with human-like AI-powered contact center experiences, lower costs, and free up your human agents' time. Improve customer experience. Derive customer insights and reduce operational costs by adding artificial intelligence and machine learning to the contact center provider of your choice.



Intelligent Enterprise Search

Find answers faster with intelligent enterprise search powered by machine learning.

  • Implement

    Quickly implement a unified search experience across multiple structured and unstructured content repositories.

  • Utilize

    Utilize natural language processing (NLP) to get highly accurate answers without the need for machine learning (ML) expertise.

  • Fine-tune

    Fine-tune your search results based on content attributes, freshness, user behavior, and more.

  • Deliver

    Deliver ML-powered instant answers, FAQs, and document ranking as a fully managed service.


Industry 4.0 Manufacturing

Transform your manufacturing operations and enhance your productivity with our advanced cloud solutions, artificial intelligence, IoT, robotics, and analytics.


Maintain your focus on improving business operations and innovation, leaving the IT and OT infrastructure to us.
Speed up your time to market by harnessing the latest innovations ensuring that you remain at the forefront of industry developments.
We equip you with real-time and predictive analytics to improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), service levels, product quality, and supply chain efficiency.
Our solutions are designed to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations.
Get valuable insights from machine data using our AI and cloud solutions to help you optimize productivity, improve product quality, and achieve sustainability goals.
We understand that every manufacturing operation is unique. That's why our solutions are flexible and customizable.



Elevate the customer experience with ML-powered personalization.

  • Unify your data

    Unify your data to create meaningful customer experiences across the entire user journey.

  • Increase revenue

    Increase revenue and brand loyalty, and stand out from competitors by catering to individual customer preferences.

  • Implement personalization

    Quickly implement a customized personalization engine in days—not months—with no ML expertise required.

  • Adapt recommendations

    Adapt recommendations in real time for relevant customer experiences, new users, or new catalog items.

  • Deploy recommendations

    Deploy curated recommendations and intelligent user segmentation using Machine Learning.

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