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Financial Services


Financial Data & Analytics Platform

Building cloud platforms for the customer including application hosting, release management, CI/CD, operations, and security.

Customer Profile

Customer is a multinational financial services corporation that provides financial information, news, market data, and offers a range of financial products to professionals in the finance and investment industries.

The Challenge

The customer is looking to efficiently process large datasets and flag all news articles over the past several years on a given news that’s currently happening. This allows them to analyze historic market responses in similar situations. Their on-premises Apache Hadoop deployments proved cumbersome to manage and it was unable to handle workload variability.

The Solution

To solve these challenges, we migrated their Hadoop and Ambari clusters to cloud-based services like Amazon EMR, AWS Glue, and Amazon S3. This enabled independent scaling of compute and storage while providing a well-managed, highly resilient environment. We also automated the deployment of EMR clusters, allowing the customer to quickly scale to hundreds of simulations as needed. Finally, we made minor changes to the application architecture to take advantage of cloud-based caching, resulting in low latency.

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