Cost Optimization


Transformative Medicine

Reduction in cloud operational costs, and improved security posture.

Customer profile

The customer is a leader in creating transformative medicines for diseases. They build research pipelines for transformative treatments

The Challenge

The customer was looking to optimize their cloud costs. Specifically data access costs and data transfer costs across cloud regions and egress costs from the cloud environment to BI applications. As the organization’s cloud footprint grew, they wanted to establish better security, governance and compliance on the cloud platform.

The Solution

We executed a detailed review of all the access patterns from the cloud platform to all external applications. We identified areas of optimization to re-architect data access patterns directly from cloud storage to use the data analytics environment instead. We also helped modify the queries from the BI environment and enable data caching in the BI environment so data is efficiently reused and also gets access via the data analytics environment instead of directly from cloud storage. To secure the environment, we incorporated cloud security best practices, MFA enforcement, least privileged access, bucket policies, role based access control, and a mechanism for engaging with partners. All this work resulted in reduction in cloud operational costs, and improved security posture.

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