Sports Equipment



Database Migration

Global Footwear Brand

Maintaining optimum system performance and minimize downtime and data loss.

Customer profile

The customer is a global brand that produces performance sports footwear and equipment for athletes at all levels.

The Challenge

The customer is a global retailer specializing in sports equipment, was looking to migrate the SQL Server workload to Amazon RDS for SQL Server with minimal or zero downtime.

The Solution

We worked with the customer to do a thorough analysis of existing data footprint and application-level dependencies. We replicated the data in a sandbox environment to ensure application compatibility in using a distributed database that’s cloud-native. We worked with the customer to migrate existing data and enabled transactional data replication between on-premise database running SQL Server and cloud-based Amazon RDS for SQL Server. Replication ran continuously for minimal latency and business continuity was validated over several tests over a few weeks. Upon completion of pre-launch checks for go live cutover, we performed a catch up replication of change delta from prior replication and enabled live traffic to the new Amazon RDS instance upon validation of functionality. We delivered this while maintaining optimum system performance and minimize downtime and data loss with a cross-Region disaster recovery solution

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