Security Operations

Cloud Operations

Materials Science Innovation

Building cloud platforms for the customer including application hosting, release management, CI/CD, operations, and security.

Customer profile

Customer is one of the leading global specialty materials manufacturing companies that produces a broad range of advanced materialss for everyday purposes.

The Challenge

The customer is looking to leverage deep expertise in partners with cloud operations, cloud security, and analytics expertise to manage and optimize their existing cloud infrastructure.

The Solution

We helped improve the security posture by simplifying and organizing complicated and broken security policies for authenticating users across multiple cloud accounts using a federation mechanism and multi-factor authentication. Helped implement guardrails to prevent unauthorized access, monitoring and logging of cloud accounts, including the detection of unused privileges and restrictions on API calls. We also conduct enterprise scale security operations including directive controls to establish the governance, risk, and compliance models within the operating environment. Preventive controls to protect your workloads and mitigate threats and vulnerabilities. Detective controls to provide full visibility and transparency over the operation of your deployments. And responsive controls to drive remediation of potential deviations from security baselines.

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