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Applying Generative AI to Transform Product Analytics using Natural Language

Customer Profile

Squid provides an affordable way to retrieve product analytics for small businesses. They prioritize simplicity and accessibility, aiming to gather essential insights without the need for coding, complex analytics expertise, or unnecessary clutter.

The Challenge

Squid was looking for a way to solve end-user challenges in understanding and optimizing their product performance. Questions like where users encounter obstacles, the speed at which they derive value, their conversion to revenue, and reasons for drop-offs remain unanswered. The absence of a streamlined approach hinders their ability to identify and address user needs efficiently.

The Solution

Tactical Edge AI worked with Squid to develop a cutting-edge solution that translated natural language queries into dynamic queries, fetching data efficiently from AWS Timestream within seconds. This innovation was pivotal in handling millions of events, ensuring accurate data is streamed in real-time with minimal latency. Customers could now interact with the analytics tool in a more natural, conversational manner, receiving quick and precise insights to questions. The auto-generated reports offer quick insights, enabling businesses to make data-driven decisions within seconds. The blazingly fast system, coupled with point-and-click user flows, empowers users to understand and enhance product engagement.

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