Machine Learning


Building a MVP using cloud native solutions to discover hot topics

Customer profile

CLIPr is a cloud-native startup that does video analysis and management using AI and machine learning, which enables users to quickly identify key moments within video content, enabling them to organize, search, interact, and share with ease and efficiency.

The Challenge

As an early-stage startup, time to market is critical. Building models from the ground up for key CLIPr features like entity extraction, topic extraction, and classification would have taken a long time to develop and train. CLIPr was looking to quickly deliver capabilities by using Cloud AI services for applications and workflows.

The Solution

We worked with CLIPr to build a MVP using cloud native solutions to discover hot topics using Cloud machine learning to identify the most dominant topics associated with products, policies, events, and brands. We used Amazon Transcribe to convert audio into searchable transcripts, Amazon Comprehend for text classification and organizing by relevant topics, Amazon Comprehend Medical to extract medical ontologies for a health care customer, and Amazon Rekognition to detect people’s names, faces, and meeting types.

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